Generate security link

Generate security link

Generator secure anonymous references. Creating an anonymous redirect links to automatically redirect inbound links, and check links to safety.

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Secure Anonymous Link:

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Anonymizer secure inbound links for your site

Automatic checking of external links on the site.

In order to send through a redirect all external links for checking the safety from your website, forum or blog automatically, please use the form below. If you want to exclude from the generation of one or more sites, then just enter the website address in the input field by clicking the button "Add"

Automatic checking of external links Site
How it works?

How it works?

For the user :

Just insert the URL, click "Analyze" and wait a while to see the results! To check the safety of links using Google technology and Yandex (Safe Browsing). In an additional analysis of links to viruses, worms, Trojans and all types of malware using VirusTotal

For webmasters:

Using secure anonymous reference server and connecting to the script Your Web site, external references, except for references when generating, will be redirected to the form and When it detects a malicious resource redirection stops and waits for user confirmation.

The result is:

Safety of users of the site

All external links to your site will go through a service for checking links on safety

Site Security

Search engines when it detects on your portal a link to a malicious site or a file can be put under the filter (lower in the search results) or excluded from the search

Search Engine optimization

Instead of thousands of links to your site will refer to only one link. You will automatically get rid of all the external links on the site.


Eliminates the site administrator to see a competitor, from what ip-addresses of visitors came, and what pages of the sequence in which they switched, and what kind of information out there interested. Remove your site from the list of referral servers log files that are linked to your website, thus the owners of these resources will not be able to know which site visitors came to him.

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Redirect plugins for popular CMS. The use of special plug-ins, conducting redirect inbound links.

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